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Hello and thanks so much for visiting our site.

Nearly ten years ago while on holiday in America we saw these great little Aerial Balls and thought ‘Wow, what a great idea!’ At that time we started importing them to the UK but unfortunately very few people knew what they were?  Undeterred we continued to market what we truly believed to be a fun product and now with more and more of them being seen on the road and with the success of our World Cup designs, Aerial Balls have really taken off !!

Although originally designed to push onto the end of car aerials we realised that some people might not have an aerial on their car so we developed our own unique Aerialballs spring which now gives you the option of turning your Aerial Ball into a Wobbler and sticking it anywhere you like such as on your dashboard, desk or on top of your PC.  With the further option of pushing them on the ends of pens and pencils the choices of where you put your Aerial Balls are simply endless!

We aim to bring you the Best Balls at the Best Prices with the Best Service.

With designs to suit all tastes there is something for everyone so have a look at our Balls and join in the fun!

Bye for now,

Jenny, Hannah and Derek.

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